Jewelry Care


Store your jewelry in its original pouch to prevent scratches.

Avoid stacking or tangling multiple items together. This reduces the risk of wear and tear.


Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe down your jewelry regularly, ensuring it's free from any oils or dirt.

While PVD coated jewelry is more resistant, harsh chemicals and abrasive solutions can still damage it. Use mild soapy water for occasional deep cleaning, then pat dry gently.

Avoiding Harmful Elements:

Even though the jewelry is waterproof, try to limit its exposure to harsh chemicals like perfumes, lotions, and cleaning agents.

Chlorinated water in swimming pools or hot tubs can be harsh over extended periods. It's a good idea to remove your jewelry before swimming, but if you want to, you can.

Wear and Tear:

Remember, while PVD coated stainless steel is strong and durable, it isn't invincible. Avoid wearing it during heavy physical activities to reduce chances of it getting scratched or damaged.


Our jewelry is designed to withstand daily wear and the elements, thanks to its waterproof PVD coating. However, keep in mind it's not made of solid gold and, like all cherished items, won't last forever. Treat it with care to prolong its shine and life.

Periodic Checks:

Examine your jewelry pieces every few months. Check for any wear signs, loose gemstones, or potential issues, and consider professional cleaning once a year.


By following this guide, you'll ensure that your jewelry remains in the best condition possible, keeping its beauty and shine for the longest time. Remember, every piece tells a story. Let yours shine bright and long.